Excagrip excavator spike

Excagrip gives tracked excavators incredible grip on ice, rock and slopes. The system is made up of a
through-hardened adapter, welded into the track plates between the ridges, and removable carbide stingers. The carbide stingers are hammered into place and they can be easily removed with the demounting tool.

• Grips on all surfaces.
• Improves safety.
• Removable and easily installed.

Item No. Description Weight kg
135-357330 Holder for excavator spike ø19mm 0,30
920-450403 Carbide-tipped pin 19mm 0,22
135-357335 Holder for excavator spike ø22mm 0,25
920-153981 Carbide-tipped pin 22mm 0,30
920-460410 Extraction tool for pin 1,70