Areas of application
Bruxite wear edges & bars are intended for applications where there is a high demand for wear resistance.

Material properties
Bruxite is high-tensile boron steel in accordance with EN 10083-3. The chemical composition of this material, together with the manufacturing method employed, ensures that it offers very good wear resistance and excellent welding properties (preheated to min. 50°C). Note: Unless the steel has been specially treated, avoid structures subject to fatigue stresses.

These values are taken from standard EN1011 method B.

For fillet welds, the Tp value can be reduced by 60°.


Olofsfors Bruxite 500, working temperature per material thickness

Note that for these curves Q = 1,2 and CET = 0,43 which means TpQ = 0°. To compensate for the welding process, please see the section on heat input in EN1011. For multi-run welds, the Q value is 2.5, which produces a temperature reduction of 15° in the curves above.