- Ensure that there are good fit-ups between the joints and that the gap does not exceed 3 mm.

- Make sure that the welded joints are clean and dry.

- Plan the welding sequences and select filler materials before welding. (Single or multi-run welding)

- Preheat the material as recommended in welding instruction. When welding in a non-controlled environment (high atmospheric humidity), special precautions must be taken.

- The working temperature may not exceed 225°C, as the material is annealed out, which results in poor material properties.

- The working temperature must be measured 75 mm from the centre of the weld.

- It is a good idea to use heat chalk to keep a check on the temperature.

- To prevent moisture pickup, the filler material must be stored as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If pre-heating is necessary it must be done before the stitching.


Recommended filler material for Bruxite

Manual welding electrode (welding pin)
OK 48.30, OK 48.00 (E7018), OK 74.78 (E9018-D1) or equivalent.

MAG Welding (Gas metal arc welding)
OK Autorod 12.51, OK Autorod 12.50 (ER70S-6), OK Autorod 13.13, OK Tuberod 14.13 (E70C-6M).
Argon gas with 16% CO2 or 23% CO2 is recommended as a shielding gas.